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bitBinary Digit (0 or 1)
bitBuilt-In Test
bitBusiness Information Technology
bitBachelor of Information Technology
bitBilateral Investment Treaty
bitBabes In Toyland (band)
bitBureau International du Travail (French)
bitBoard of Industrial Training (various locations)
bitBusiness and Industry Training (various locations)
bitBirla Institute of Technology (Technical Institute at Ranchi, India since 1956)
bitBusiness Income Tax
bitBinary Indexed Tree (programming)
bitBeijing Institute of Technology
bitBeijing Institute of Technology (China)
bitBuilt in Test
bitBit Test
bitBinary Digit
bitBright Ideas Trust
bitBrooklyn Independent Television (est. 2006; Brooklyn, NY)
bitBirla Institute of Technology (India)
bitBasic Information Technology
bitBangalore Institute of Technology (Bangalore, India)
bitBulk Ion Temperature
bitBüro für Internationale Forschungs- und Technologiekooperation (Vienna, Austria)
bitBusiness Improvement Team
bitBehavioral Inattention Test
bitBipolar Integrated Technology
bitBehavioral Investment Theory
bitBangladesh Institute of Technology
bitBrampton Intermodal Terminal (Brampton, Ontario Canada)
bitBudowlany Informator Techniczny (Polish: Technical Construction Information; publication)
bitBrunei Information Technology
bitBloc Ioulia Timochenko (Ukranian politics)
bitBhilai Institute of Technology (India)
bitBase Item Type
bitBasic Interconnection Test
bitBest in Tactics (gaming clan)
bitBroadband Infrastructure Technology (DARPA)
bitBannariamman Institute of Technology (Sathyamangalam, India)
bitBachelor of Industrial Technology
bitBoron Injection Tank
bitBond-In-Tension (aka Flatwise Tensile)
bitBanque de l'Industrie et du Travail (Beirut bank)
bitBuild Integration and Test
bitAustrian Bureau for International Research and Technology Co-Operation
bitBhubaneswar Institute of Technology (India)
bitBusiness Implementation Time
bitBorza Internazionale del Turismo (Italian)
bitBharath Institute of Technology
bitBrazilian Institute of Technology
bitBgl International Ltd
bitBill Item Transaction (Sprint)
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In addition to DC's homegrown offerings, "Frame of Mind" also features photos of other seminal and like-minded groups that passed through the city, such as the Melvins, the Ex (from the Netherlands), Uzeda (from Italy), Joan Jett, Shellac, Babes in Toyland, the Julie Ruin, L7, and Alice Bag.
Among the people who turned up on the occasion to pay their respects to the Twin Cities rock hero were members of Rank Strangers, HAaAaAeA skers bassist Greg Norto Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner, Run Westy Run's Kraig Johnson, Arcwelder, and Babes in Toyland's Lori Barbero.
I have sung with the bands Babes in Toyland and Faith No More, but am best known as the lead singer of the 1990s indie band Hole and the wife of the late singer Kurt Cobain.
Among them is the Columbia Theatre, which was scheduled to present its third performance of Babes in Toyland; the company makes it safely to Oakland, where they sleep on the stage of the McDonough Theatre.
They've opened for L7, shared the stage with punk rocker Mike Watt and toured the United Kingdom this spring with their musical heros, Babes in Toyland.
THURSDAY BABES IN TOYLAND Their first show in Scotland in over 20 years, the all-girl trio are a brilliantly feral live band.
Lori Barbero, Babes in Toyland: Recently ranked #2 among the Top 20 Female Drummers, Lori Barbero sits behind the skins of Babes in Toyland, the all female punk band featured in 1991 documentary, “The Year Punk Broke” and “Not Bad For A Girl” in 1995.
The sequencer-heavy Disco/Very references the Pet Shop Boys not just in title alone (Disco and Very are both PSB albums), suggesting a world in which Babes in Toyland and Savages joined up to make an album with Giorgio Moroder at the helm.
Songs such as We Like the Weather and White Baby were gloriously ramshackle, mixing fuzzed-up guitars with frantic riffs and almost nursery rhyme vocals, while slower material including High Friends in Places took the down and dirty grind of Babes In Toyland and added a quirky, bubblegum edge.
* META Performing Arts, $500 for the Babes in Toyland musical at McIntyre Hall in Mount Vernon
Other films followed such as A Perfect Day, Be Big, The Bohemian Girl and Babes in Toyland, Pardon Us and The Music Box, for which they won an Oscar.
1957: American film comedian Oliver Hardy who starred, alongside Stan Laurel, in Babes in Toyland and Jitterbug, died on this day.