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BDCPBaccalaureate Degree Completion Program
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In 2006, data from the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) indicated that only seven bachelor's degree completion programs offered course content exclusively online.(5) In April 2010, ADHA's website showed 69 percent of the bachelor's degree completion programs offered some portion of their curriculum online, and 19 (34.5 percent) of baccalaureate degree completion programs offering their curriculum exclusively online.(6),(7) This significant increase in just four years indicates that considerable changes are occurring in the delivery of dental hygiene education.
Like the baccalaureate degree completion programs, many MSDH programs are offered either partially or entirely online.
Purpose: Dental hygiene baccalaureate degree completion programs are essential stepping stones between associate degree entry-level programs and graduate education.
Sbrega notes, "After all, students and families are challenged to justify the significant tuition and fee differential, particularly when measured against private senior colleges and universities." Down the road, Sbrega predicts "other public and private colleges and universities will soon view historical competitors as collaborators--key partners in developing mission complementary, affordable baccalaureate degree completion programs at community-college campuses."
(2) While dental hygiene leadership and faculty have voiced a call for the addition of accessible degree completion programs, (13) minimal research has been published establishing the demand for baccalaureate degree completion programs by students.
baccalaureate degree completion programs, current as of the same survey, is available online at
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