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BNATButt Numb A Thon (film festival)
BNATBachelor of Naturopathy (Australia)
BNATBinhai New Area of Tianjin (China)
BNATBachelor of Nursing Accelerated Track
BNATBasic Neuroscience Advanced Training (University of Colorado Health Sciences Center)
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Training in critical appraisal skills are a core component of Bachelor degrees including Bachelor of Naturopathy. (8) However bachelor-level training of naturopaths has only been compulsory in Australia since December 2015 (9) and the naturopathic workforce includes a proportion of diploma and advance diploma level graduates (10) with potentially limited understanding and appreciation of critical appraisal.
Originally I started the Bachelor of Naturopathy degree because at the time it also had a full homoeopathy program and homoeopathy was always a passion of mine.
She holds a Bachelor of Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences with a double major in Human Nutrition and Complementary Medicine from Southern Cross University.
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