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BACHSBay Arenac Community High School (Essexville, Michigan)
BACHSBrother Andre Catholic High School (Canada)
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This fluidity of approach suggests that Bach resisted the notion of a finished work, preferring instead, in Buch's view, to view it as a 'framework for alternatives'.
Christoph Wolff, "Carl Philipp Emanuel Bachs Verzeichnis seiner Clavierwerke von 1733 bis 1772," in Uber Ixben, Kunst und Kunstwerke: Aspekte musikalischer Biographic Johann Sebastian Bach im Zentrum, ed.
Der dritte Abschnitt Aneignungen sei zu sammenfassend beschrieben, da es generell um das Grundthema, der Einfluss Bachs auf Schweizer Komponisten, geht.
Bachs Werker: fur Melodieinstrumente ohne Begleitung, Berliner Musik Studien, bd.
While it is clearly connected as a single monograph and reads well as such, Engaging Bach has the added advantage that each chapter also stands well on its own and can be read independently of the others.
Generally speaking, the most important sources for the Bach cantatas are autograph scores and original performing parts.
To the dilemma in Bach scholarship, Kerman observes that "all Bach scholars .
Bach and Musical Culture in the Late 18th Century, held in February 1999 at Cornell University.
For instance, a degree of uncertainty over the number of compositions written by Bach stems from the discrepancy between the music found in extant sources and the compositions listed in Bach's obituary written by his son Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and student Johann Friedrich Agricola.
What was obvious and straightforward to Bach as composer, as well as to the members of the congregations who first heard his music, is often obscure or totally unrecognized in the twenty-first century.
The book is formatted in eleven sections that lead us from the basic bibliographic tools of Bach research, biography, and context through studies of sources, transmission, and editions.
Butt, author of Bach Interpretation: Articulation Marks in Primary Sources of J.