BACIBasic Access Control Interface
BACIBefore–after Control-Impact (experimental designs in environmental science)
BACIBurnaby Association for Community Inclusion (Burnaby, BC, Canada)
BACIBanc of America Capital Investors
BACIBell Atlantic Communications, Inc. (now Verizon Long Distance)
BACIBrazilian-American Cultural Institute
BACIBovine Anti-Cryptosporidium (immunoglobulin)
BACIBangladesh Association of Construction Industry
BACIBrazilian-American Cultural Association
BACIBusiness Management, Agency, Comparables & Investments (UK)
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[Vorrei saper quanti baci fur dati] e pubblicata senza firma in Il Gazzettino, 230, Milano, 20 novembre 1867.
To explore these relations between rituals, people, and matter, this exhibition draws upon the Baci Su Kwan practice.
IN HONOR OF ITS 90TH ANNIVERSARY, Perugina has introduced Baci White.
Other fancies on the card at Sunderland are Pat Derwin's Deancroft Jack (T6), who can make all in the 9.48, and Shirley Linley's Amore Baci, who can employ similar tactics in heat two of the Owners' Bonus Series contest at 10.18.
The potential impact of the abrupt and intense removal of the invertebrate layer was assessed with survey data collected periodically for one year prior- and one year post-hydrocleaning in a modified Before-After-Control-Impact (BACI) design.
Hyde Park Steakhouse, Columbia Restaurant, El Adobe, Cafe Baci. Mediterraneo, MoZaic
And it's not just underwear that's for sale at Baci Lingerie.
Avelli Inc., exclusive distributor of Baci Lingerie, has introduced the Baci Lingerie Eyelash Collection.
distributor of Baci Lingerie, has rolled out the Baci Lingerie Eyelash Collection.
The ' Fine Dining Gold' category includes places like Wasabi, Blue Ginger and Indian Accent; silver has Baci, Diva and Smoke House Grill; and eateries such as Coriander Leaf, Spaghetti Kitchen and Tabula Rasa.
In relation with this issue, we developed a study that was entirely focused on these companies, from several sectors of economy, like trade, telecommunication, manufacturing, postal services and also central institutions (Sevrani, Baci, and Martini, 2009).