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Moreover, the data showed that most of the drinking water sources are contaminated with Bacillus spp.
Optimization of physical factors affecting the production of thermo-stable organic solvent-tolerant protease from a newly isolated halo tolerant Bacillus subtilis strain Rand, Microb.
The Bacillus Food Grade Selection System is based on the interplay of an endogenous Bacillus toxin EndoA (expressed from vector) and its antitoxin EndoB (expressed from genome).
On the other hand, profiling of heavy metal resistance among the group of PHB-producing bacteria indicated that Bacillus sp.
The 1H NMR spectra of the polymer produced by two maximum PHA accumulating strains Bacillus sp.
Clinical importance of Bacillus anthracis cannot be denied, not only due to the fact that Anthrax, the disease it produces, may affect all the mammals, including human beings; but also due to the incidence related to deliberate intent of dissemination of the disease agent (Mebane et al.
In this context, the present study focused on isolation Bacillus cereus during the UHT milk production and shelf life, to assess the enterotoxigenic production capacity of isolates and to evaluate the use of the RAPD-PCR technique to verify whether Bacillus cereus isolated at different phases of UHT milk processing belongs to the same strain.
L-asparaginase activity varies with both temperature and organism (Figure 1) with Bacillus circulans having the least activity at most temperature.
Development of the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT)--besides immune stimulation, bacillus subtilis is believed to be partly responsible for the development of the GALT itself.