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BTJABroadcast Television Journalists Association
BTJABacillus Tomato Juice Agar (food science)
BTJABritish Taiho Jutsu Association (martial arts; est. 1996; UK)
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Cadaverine at a level of 120 mM has also showed the stronger inhibitory effect on pH change in Bacillus Tomato Juice Agar (BTJA).
Desired colonies were those that grow on Bacillus Tomato Juice Agar (BTJA) and which produce zones of purple in the yellow, acidified medium.
ABSTRACT--Of four selective media, Bacillus Tomato Juice Agar (BTJA) was the best medium to detect and enumerate aciduric, pH-elevating Bacillus, which cause non-effervescent spoilage of under processed tomatoes.
Because the desired isolates would be aciduric or acidophilic, a selective medium, Bacillus Tomato Juice Agar (BTJA), was developed for isolation (Table 2).