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Both Civil Administration and IDF officers checked the family, and accompanied them back to Jerusalem.
Paul, originally known as Saul, was on his way to Damascus around AD33-36 to seek out followers of Jesus to bring them back to Jerusalem for questioning and possible execution.
He took charge of Jerusalem, but allowed Jews to come back to Jerusalem.
and with this inspiration renewed and reignited, they run back to Jerusalem.
If the first step necessary for the disciples is away from Jerusalem and the mirages of power it represents, their encounter with Jesus now sends them back to Jerusalem with a new vision and new purpose.
ItEe's my pleasure to welcome you, Foreign Minister Zaoralek, back to Jerusalem.
Nor did Joseph rush back to Jerusalem seeking asylum from Herod, because Herod had created the law that called for the death of all the male children in Bethlehem two and under in the first place.
It was close to midnight by the time Edward and Daniel rose to leave and summoned their driver for the ride back to Jerusalem.
But the guilt of having left his siblings behind in a war zone never left him and, along with his stepfather, John flew back to Israel a year later with the intention of meeting his brother David and younger sister Alex at their school and bringing them back to Jerusalem with him.
He later flew by helicopter back to Jerusalem for another meeting with Mr.
She was exposed to a different narrative and, with an open heart and mind, her curiosity took her back to Jerusalem to pursue Middle East studies at the Hebrew University.
The truth of the matter was they were going to have to walk; not run, not fly, but walk through some of the worst desert and mountainous ground in the world as they trudged from Babylon back to Jerusalem.