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BTTPBack To The Past
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References in classic literature ?
His memory went back to the past time--recalled the ill-placed passion of his youth, and the cruel injury inflicted on him--his pride was roused.
But her wide-open eyes first saw, through the slats of the coop, the blue waves of the ocean, now calm and placid, and her thoughts flew back to the past night, so full of danger and discomfort.
And still, the darker it grew, the more persistently my portrait led me back to the past, the more vividly the long-lost image of the child Mary showed itself to me in my thoughts.
You only look back to the past, and it is, indeed, bad enough.
It's time everybody starts looking to the future and doesn't simply harp back to the past.
I don't think anybody should overstate the extent to which anybody in this Government is looking back to the past.
BACK TO THE PAST Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox reunited CELEBS Rourke and Megan Fox SURPRISE Bill Murray on stage in Ghostbusters uniform
BROADCASTER Sharon Tobin went back to the past for her fairytale marriage to music industry worker Paul Dunne.
Jackie Meehan, whose dad Patrick was shot dead in a 1976 sectarian attack, said he had been catapulted back to the past after seeing the picture in UDA - Inside The Heart Of Loyalist Terror.
Take a trip back to the past with the present and win a 1-bit Sharp digital home cinema surround sound system in our fantastic competition.