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Under this updated legislation, which comes into force mid-December 2016, it will be obligatory for back of pack labelling to carry a more detailed nutrition declaration.
The regulation ensures that if any of these ingredients are used in a pre-packaged food product they would have to be highlighted in the ingredients list on the back of pack.
Brand alone is no longer enough to keep a customer loyal and consumers increasingly focus on back of pack ingredients, so the claims they support are becoming more and more relevant in purchasing decisions.
The only change consumers will experience is that the new name of the company will appear on the back of pack of the products.
Russell Anderson 7 Composed and classy at back of pack.
com/McCainUK using the code on the back of pack to enter.
The Red Rose bloomed in Cardiff on the back of pack power and a controlled gameplan of pegging the hosts back with kicks and only running the ball over the gainline.
Weavers and dealers would bring their bales of cloth into town on the back of pack horses across narrow trails on the moors in the 18th century.
The Wallaby scrum-half has crossed the whitewash three times in his 14 international starts and is a key cog in their attacking ambitions with his livewire running both off the back of pack moves and in broken play following turnovers.
The easy to follow, accessible instructions are printed on the back of pack and serves two people making six bhaji's.
Also the packs now highlight three or four key product benefits as well as incorporating a meal plan on the back of pack to help consumers choose the right product and understand how it fits into their daily life.
Building on the success of the current pastes in jars, new single-use 'Easy' paste sachets are being introduced to appeal to smaller households and overcome existing barriers to purchase, by including simple instructions on back of pack to help bring the recipes to life for consumers.