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BOTBBattle of the Bands
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BOTBBattle of the Blades (Canadian reality TV show)
BOTBBattle of the Bulge
BOTBBrother of the Badge
BOTBBritish Overseas Trade Board
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BOTBBattle of the Brains
BOTBBabies on the Brain
BOTBBrothers of the Blade
BOTBBrothers of the Bottle
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A mailing address has been included at the back of the book.
Charts and games are included in the back of the book. However, the instructions are complex and difficult to follow, so it may be most effective to use the games in a group setting when students can rely on the teacher's guidance.
Even the one-sentence captions for the photographs are grouped together at the back of the book, so as not to distract from the compelling visual experience.
She manages to resist him sexually, and when he ditches her, she goes to the library and writes in the back of the book Forever, by Judy Blume, the details of what a jerk he is.
The bio on back of the book discloses, "He has been a Christian since 1979." I have trouble not reading it all as an allegory for the art world's machinations and as reason to reconsider the influence of the underacknowledged and left behind.
I found her planning models and flow charts at the back of the book useful.
I recently received my July issue of BOWHUNTING and was intrigued by the story near the back of the book, .44 Magnum Bowhunts.
The manual mentions the disappearing mail under the Troubleshooting section in the back of the book when users ask why their mail didn't reach its destination--if they ever discover it at all.
As is noted in a disclaimer (which will be overlooked by many, as it is oddly buried in the back of the book), although superscript vowels are reproduced in postposition, superscript symbols reflecting abbreviated syllables (-em, -en, -er, etc.) are simply left off.
And as an added bonus, kids can use a recipe in the back of the book to make their own edible animal scat in various, um, lifelike shapes.
The story made no reference to the firm's Piriton and Piriteze products but adverts for them were included at the back of the book, printed on distinctlycoloured paper.
And if you do, are you willing to tackle the extra-credit riddles in the back of the book?