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References in classic literature ?
My only possible way to the second floor lay by the back of the house.
If I could only rid myself of the dog--a gaunt, half-starved brute, made savage and mangy by perpetual confinement--I did not see any reason to despair of getting in undiscovered at one of the second-floor windows--provided I waited until a sufficiently late hour, and succeeded in scaling the garden wall at the back of the house.
Without making any remark, Sergeant Cuff walked on, sinking lower and lower in his own estimation, to the back of the house.
He heard no shot; but it was hardly possible he would, as the pantry and kitchens were at the very back of the house and there were several closed doors and a long passage between.
They slept at the extreme back of the house, and could not possibly have heard anything.
There she stood behind the screen door in the little shedlike kitchen at the back of the house.
There was a tumble-down shed at the back of the house, made of old soap-boxes.
Extended and well presented, the four bedroom property sits on a good sized plot with on site parking and a good sized garden at the back of the house.
Full front and back of the house staff is in place for flawless transition.
Glue the two cardboard houses with rectangles cut out of them on top of the front side of the back of the house.
Round the back QI live in a terraced row and there's a passageway that used to be for bringing coal to the back of the house.
We went around the back of the house and the police told us not to go in or do anything.