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BKOBerkshire Orienteers (UK)
BKOBo Kaspers Orkester (Swedish Pop Orchestra)
BKOBaten Kaitos Origins (gaming)
BKOBack Office
BKOBig Kids Only (various locations)
BKOBack Order
BKOBamako, Mali - Senou (Airport Code)
BKOBelgische Kalibratie Organisatie (Dutch: Belgian Calibration Organization)
BKOBidarteko Surf Club (France)
BKOBeautiful Kids Organization (est. 2009)
BKOBarkhausen-Kurz Oscillator
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But fill rate's insensitivity to the passage of time is a serious drawback, as is insensitivity to the number of back orders from service level (rather than the binary answer to, Does a back order exist?).
Merck announced that ProQuad (measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella virus vaccine five) will be unavailable for ordering through the rest of 2007, although existing back orders were filled through August.
Its popular hybrid Escape SUV is often on back order at dealerships.
Although contractors in general have "stepped up" to meet the Army's needs, Pillsbury says too many aircraft parts remain on back order. AMCOM, which manages 9,812 different lines of spare parts, has severe shortages of 456 of those parts.
And the centre-back feels new boss Micky Adams is just the man to dish it out to bring back order at the club, from top to bottom.
Electronic purchase order acknowledgements have helped resolve back order and product availability issues faster, which ensures that the right product or a suitable replacement is delivered on time.
In May, James, the cofounder and namesake of the company, told the Tribune that more than 140,000 pairs of James Jeans were on back order. James left a law career to start the company in January with his wife, designer Scan Lira.
If too many orders arrive in a period, the firm will offer a price discount to those customers willing to back order and accept service the next period.
But that doesn't even come close to covering the 2 million units that are on back order, she added.
Buyers also want to reduce their risk of getting stuck with a back order or out-of-stock notification.
Major back order. Maybe way out there there's some topsoil, but not in the nearest trillion miles.
As a result, they now were obligated to fill a back order to this customer--along with back orders to others who want to buy this item, many of whom are paying higher prices because of smaller discounts.