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B2BBusiness to Business
B2BBusiness 2 Business
B2BBack to Basics
B2BBack to Back
B2BBay to Breakers (annual footrace; San Francisco, CA)
B2BBack to Business
B2BBus to Bus
B2BBuffer to Buffer
B2BBack to Base
B2BBorder to Border
B2BBack to Banking
B2BBrother 2 Brother (greek gaming clan)
B2BBridges to Babylon (Rolling Stones album)
B2BBottle to Bottle (plastics recycling)
B2BBottom 2 Box (marketing metric)
B2BBack to Bankruptcies
B2B'Bout to Bounce (chat)
B2BBaptist 2 Baptist (Southern Baptist Convention)
B2BBoundary-Corrected Second Born (for scattering)
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"They said every young player goes through a slump and told me to go back to basics. Having taken their advice I think I turned the corner.
This method allows them to get back to basics and understand the manufacturing and costing system.
I'd go back to basics and away from the mollycoddling of the enormous expenditure.
"We knew we had under-performed last week when we had a few people BIRMINGHAM & SOLIHULL 29 LEICESTER LIONS 21 settling in to different roles, but this week we have gone back to basics and continued where we left off last season," he said.
Back to Basics employs over 95 experienced, professional educators, all of whom hold Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees.
"My philosophy always was to get back to basics - and the basics are, just watch the ball.
So why not go back to basics and spend money on the essential services?
The Barbie "Back to Basics" collection is a new range of the good-old Barbie sporting trendy cocktail attire including little black outfits, off-the-shoulder frocks and tiny strapless tops.
Deal size was also in "back to basics mode", with private equity set to shy away from the public-toprivates that grabbed headlines in early 2007, according to 64 per cent of industry respondents.
The Paula Deen Egg & Muffin Toaster will be included in Back to Basics' national TV campaign during the fourth quarter of 2006.