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The Union of Students in Ireland wants Social Protection Minister Leo Vardakar to change the Back to Education Allowance to help people like Erica Fleming.
It is a stand-alone fund and is not connected to any other student supports such as the maintenance grant or the back to education allowance.
The Back to Education Allowance should be extended to pensioners.
HOMELESS mum Erica Fleming's dreams of taking up her place at Trinity are in ruins after a Back To Education Allowance application was denied.
Seamus Brennan, the Minister for Social and Family Affairs, has confirmed that there will be a significant relaxation of the rules in order to allow people to qualify for the Back To Education Allowance support scheme.
The changes made to the Back To Education Allowance will now encourage people to stay in receipt of social welfare for 15 months, two and a half times the period previously recommended, rather than encourage them to return to full time education.
He added the Back To Education allowance had doubled this year and said: "Everything we are doing is about trying to make sure we get growth back to the economy.
Mr Healy added that there were a number of grants available to students, including the Student Assistance Fund and Back to Education Allowance.
If you are getting Back to Education Allowance or taking part in VTOS, you can still get BSCFA, or if you now have a qualified child, apply for Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance, subject to the income limits details above.
The Back to Education allowance, to be cut by 25 per cent, was available to long-term unemployed, single parents and people on disability allowance.