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B2RBach to Rock (music school)
B2RBudget to Report
B2RBorn 2 Run
B2RBack to Reality
B2RBusiness-to-Reseller (Internet sales)
B2RBradykinin Type 2 Receptor (gene)
B2RBeach to Recuperate
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Then he came back to reality, and his face hardened.
He came back to reality, after such reveries, with a somewhat muffled shock; he had begun to feel the need of accepting the unchangeable.
Harker's forehead that I was brought back to reality.
He added: "People are saying it's too early for me to be talking, but it's best for me to get back to reality straight away.
It's been a bit of a mental week and now it's a case of getting back to reality and focusing on today's game," said Davies.
The same year of Kidder's meltdown (she's since bounced back to reality -- and TV work), comic actor Lawrence found himself standing in a busy Sherman Oaks intersection screaming "fight the power" at puzzled motorists.
KETTERING manager Kevin Wilson has hinted at the disruption caused by Paul Gascoigne's ignominious 39-day reign as the club today attempted to get back to reality.
It begins with a reprint of an essay Chesterton wrote a hundred years ago, on "The Patriotic Idea," treating a typical Chestertonian theme, "We must at all costs get back to small political entities, because we must at all costs get back to reality.
We did come back to reality a little quicker than expected.
We are then transported back to reality in the traditional Ballroom Scene, envisaged as a decadent masked ball for the roues of the Jockey Club, who use the ballet as a private seraglio.
A fledgling interactive media company is cashing in on the reality TV craze after its unique software was used to count votes for TV channel five's show, Back to Reality.
James Hewitt, the former lover of Diana, Princess of Wales, has won the Back To Reality television show.