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BTTBBangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board
BTTBBack to the Bible
BTTBBack to the Basics
BTTBBad to the Bone
BTTBBack to the Bay (TV show)
BTTBBreaking through the Barriers (UK)
BTTBBike to the Bay (National Multiple Sclerosis Society; Wilmington, DE)
BTTBBlack to the Blind (Vader album)
BTTBBullet to the Brain (band)
BTTBBridges for Teachers - Teachers for Bridges (education conference)
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We should go back to the basics or we are going nowhere.
It might have come across to the fans that there was no heart and that's a disappointing thing but what we have had at this club in years gone by, is a reaction and so when things like this do happen, the lads pull together on the training ground and go back to the basics of working hard and making sure we are compact and solid.
For example, when I told a noncommissioned officer, "Sergeant, we're going to go back to the basics," his reply was, "Sergeant Major, whose basics are you referring to?
We cut our game back to the basics, trying to keep hold of the ball and cut out the mistakes.
1) and discuss historical, philosophical, and social theories to support the statement that we, as a nation need to "get back to the basics of life" (Carmen, 2005, p.
I would say this is back to the basics for Sheavy, really straightforward rockin' and every song headbands it home.
Said Forrest: "The whole concept was to design something that focused on back to the basics and fundamentals.
My key message to CPAs is: let's get back to the basics where the core service is auditing.
What we did was go back to the basics," she said, explaining that instead of making wound care the most important aspect, she directed her staff to raise observation higher on their skills list.
BACK TO THE BASICS To understand how fibroids can develop, some researchers are exploring the tumors' genetics and biochemistry.
We have to get back to the basics and coaching the kids to come through.
It's back to the basics, I don't want anyone here who doesn't want to play for the club," said Reid.