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BTTFBack To The Future
BTTFBritish Travel Trade Fair
BTTFBritish Table Tennis Federation (UK)
BTTFBreast Treatment Task Force (New York, NY)
BTTFBack to the Floor (United Kingdom)
BTTFBridge to the Future
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And when Cobb finally made it back to the floor in the final third of the fifth set, the ember within her grew into a fire and her sole mission was to orchestrate her team's offense and dispatch FEU.
Rise up slowly onto your toes as high as you can, hold for a second or two, then slowly lower back to the floor.
He got back to his feet and carried on but was met with a barrage of punches which sent him back to the floor.
Return that foot back to the floor and repeat with other foot.
BOSSES at a Bedworth warranty company have gone back to the floor as part of a national customer care initiative.
The Back to the Floor campaign is sponsored by Persimmon Homes and is based on the popular BBC programme Back to the Floor.
Then quickly bring your hands back to the floor, tucked under your shoulders, making you rock back toward your feet.
The program, called Back to the Floor, pairs senior managers with front-line, customer-facing employees or back-office teams for a day, to listen in on customer calls and help resolve concerns.
Boots chief operating officer David Kneale said: ``We have found that people who have gone back to the floor have not only helped out but learned a great deal.
PALMDALE - It's bound to happen over and over this year when the Palmdale High girls' volleyball team is playing or practicing: Junior outside hitter Kristy Nua will leap high for a kill, hit the ball, then brace herself for the fall back to the floor.
When the chest is back on the floor, the head is the last thing you tuck under, bringing the forehead back to the floor.