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BGVBackground Verification
BGVBackground Video (music)
BGVBundesverband für Gesundheitsinformation und Verbraucherschutz (German: Federal Association of Health and Consumer Information)
BGVBergischer Geschichtsverein (German: Bergischer Historical Association; Bergisches Land, Germany)
BGVBackground Vocal (music)
BGVBateau à Grande Vitesse (French: Fast Boat)
BGVBoost Glide Vehicle
BGVBretagne Grande Vitesse (French: High Speed Britain; high speed train project)
BGVBébé Grandit Vite (French: Baby Grows Quickly; consignment shop)
BGVBlood Glucose Value
BGVBelow Ground Vault
BGVBavis Gam Vidyalaya
BGVBassett Griffon Vendeen (UK dog breed club)
BGVBanda de Gaites Villaviciosa-El Gaitero (band)
BGVBiogas Vehicle
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This series of films is also built on a great Ramadan insight (people have a lot of extra time during Ramadan, but usually waste it on meaningless activities), and the execution is spot-on, with the background video and hero documentaries shedding light on real-life, human stories of people using their time for good.
The DSK supports both luminance (black/white) and chroma (blue/green) keying for compositing two video sources, plus the additional layer of PinP, plus background video. Video processing enables cut, mix with cross-dissolve and NAM/FAM transitions, with up to 30 different wipe patterns.
The public dynamic background video datasets from, which are "Boats" with 7999 frames, "Canoe" with 1189 frames, "Fall" with 4000 frames, "Fountain01" with 1184 frames and "Fountain02" with 1499 frames, "Overpass" with 3000 frames, are used to conduct the experiments.
With its powerful linear editing, this software can process the materials ideally in that its abundant special effects for scene change can smoothly change the scenes and its volume adjuster can match the background video with the dubbing harmoniously.
Each page features a background video that shows how Coats threads are made and how they can be used, with all footage creatively filmed to hone in on the details and beauty of the product.
While the singers create music with a guitar, a bass, a mandolin, harmonica, bouzouki and a ukulele, there will also be a background video and still images mounted to add even more substance to the night.
Then her intuition suggests Hollander's attack was spurred by the casual background video appearance of Gregory Parks, a mysterious "consultant" she and Hollander both met at a trade show.
Text superimposed in complex background video images is superimposed directly on top of the image.
In tribute to the original silver screen, MJD has featured a black and white background video with a modern video background playing on the homepage.
The set is a clever mix of stage props with an effective use of background video projection and slides.
Snapshot images of the planar background video sequence corresponding to Frames 30, 60, 90 and 120 are illustrated in Fig.
The network filmed a background video of the trio showing their stuff on a trampoline at the Greendale branch YMCA in Worcester, Michael said.