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BNFBind-N-Fly (radio-controlled aircraft)
BNFBibliothèque Nationale de France
BNFBibliographie Nationale Française (French: French National Bibliography; National Library of France)
BNFBackus-Naur Form
BNFBritish National Formulary
BNFBritish Nutriiton Foundation (est. 1967; UK)
BNFBotswana National Front
BNFBanco Nacional de Fomento (Spanish)
BNFBackus Naur Form
BNFBackus Normal Form
BNFBiological Nitrogen Fixation
BNFBrave New Films
BNFBig Name Fan
BNFBreathable Nitrile Foam (wearable fabric)
BNFBritish Nuclear Fuels
BNFBarcelona Negocios y Franquicias (Spanish: Barcelona Businesses and Franchises; Barcelona, Spain; trade show)
BNFBest Neighbor Forever
BNFBrain Not Found
BNFBrand Names Foundation
BNFBroadband Nebular Filter
BNFBest New Friend
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The grammar is expressed in the Backus Naur Form (BNF) and represents a fuzzy set covering method.
A Backus Naur Form grammar definition must be introduced prior to using Grammatical Evolution to solve a given problem.
Another example, different from the standard, could be to use the Extended Backus Naur Form (EBNF) (Essalmi and Ayed, 2006) as a super-metamodel to define context-free grammars.
Because languages that have been unambiguously defined using Backus Naur Form (BNF) can often be easily implemented using recursive, top down analysis techniques, and automatic compiler development tools, the syntax for Mariner was specified using BNF (Alblas & Nymeyer, 1996).