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"Backyard Wrestling's gameplay is only limited by the gamer' imagination.
Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This at Home places gamers in the role of an up-and-coming backyard wrestler.
Backyard wrestling outfits are now springing up across Britain.
Backyard wrestling is clearly the natural progression from idiot-centric TV like Jackass.
At first glance backyard wrestling appears to be the latest wrinkle in a long line of scary low-income, rural youth pastimes, like the dangerous pickup truck "sledding" portrayed in semi-fictive "Boys Don't Cry." But this trend apparently has transcended such class lines.
BB, I knew, documented the "backyard wrestling" phenomenon that had sprung up among working-class kids in the San Fernando Valley.
What went past me in early conversations with Jamie was the fact that he comes from the Valley, and the backyard wrestling documentation is one of several ongoing projects that record life in a place that has, for him, a heavily negative psychic charge.
The Backyard Wrestling films - released in the UK for the first time today - feature people jumping off roofs, hitting each other with golf clubs and falling on to barbed wire fences and flames.
During the first 65-minute film, The Best of Backyard Wrestling, there are repeated scenes of leaping from great heights on to the stomachs of others.Backyard Wrestling is already cult viewing in many countries.
Backyard Wrestling follows the success of the MTV series Jackass, which has also spawned a movie.