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BACRONYMBrilliantly. Assembled Catchy, Rustic, Odd Narrative, Yet Meaningful
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The bacronym presumably was promulgated after keypunch cards had become more familiar than telegraphy tape, certainly not much before 1960, and after the word had been reinterpreted (likely through an intermediary term such as chad box) as (optionally) an uncountable noun referring to a mass of debris.
The fish as a Christian symbol is said to be from an acronym in Greek (Jesus Christ Son of God Savior, written in Greek "Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter," giving the acronym ichthys, meaning 'fish'); but some claim it's a bacronym. There were early acronyms used as noms de plume in English--such as the famous bacronymic Cabal (ca.
In the broad field of information processing or computer science, there are, of course, many true acronyms, including amusing ones such as the well-established WYSIWYG (pronounced "wizzy-wig") 'what you see is what you get.' Often an "honest" acronym will be followed by a series of bacronyms, but usually there's not much effort to disguise them.