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BEVSBaculovirus Expression Vector System
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Manon Cox, Protein Sciences' vice president, corporate development, commented, "We now have a broad relationship with Pasteur Merieux Connaught with four agreements that encompass three different approaches to bringing recombinant technology to influenza vaccines and an umbrella agreement that simplifies the process of initiating projects to develop new subunit vaccines for other diseases." She added, "This expanded relationship further demonstrates that baculovirus expression vector system is the system of choice for certain protein-based vaccines."
Founded in 1983, Protein Sciences is the world leader in baculovirus expression vector system technology.
[Arg.sup.226]-hK2 and [Trp.sup.226]-hK2 were produced for the first time as mature proteins by use of a baculovirus expression vector system in Sf9 cells.
The seasonal influenza HA vaccine ASP7374, which contains three different strains of antigens, has been produced by the cell-culture manufacturing method employing the Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS), a next-generation technology platform for manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products.
Murhammer (chemical and biochemical engineering, University of Iowa) details steps for techniques used in baculovirus and insect cell culture in this guide for biochemists, molecular biologists, and biochemical engineers using baculovirus expression vector systems (BEVs) and/or insect cells for producing recombinant proteins.