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It's a bad business decision. To put it mildly, I think it's stupid."
Becoming a saddle-maker at the turn of the century, just before Henry Ford started revolutionizing transportation, may seem, with hindsight, to have been a bad business decision. Yet saddle makers had fifty years to reconsider: as late as 1939, more horses than tanks marched east into Poland, by a factor of ten.
"To cut out paper for the small guy would probably be a good economic decision, but a bad business decision," Marcon said.
Given this emphasis on the economic side, it is hardly surprising that Scholzen basically reduces Sickingen's downfall to a bad business decision, namely his granting the emperor Charles V an unsecured loan of 100,000 florins.
If a bank does not collect the principal and interest on a loan in a timely fashion, or fails to recover its investment, this decision turns out to be a bad business decision. Similarly, suppliers also invest in a company.
The result, in several cases, has been a bad business decision.
In a Cardiff council cabinet meeting last Thursday, cabinet member for investment and development Russell Goodway said that the visitor attraction was another example of a bad business decision.
Apologizing and then not doing anything else about it is not only a very bad business decision, it is also a precedent to a negative culture that does not value integrity.
Any reporter or editor working for a digital news property would immediately identify Sandberg's update as a newsworthy item 6 to take the ethical high road and ignore it would be a bad business decision, assuming an ethical high road was even considered.
Oregon will contend it simply made a bad business decision, which isn't against the rules.
"It would have been a bad business decision on the part of Post Office Ltd to shut this particular branch.
So, it would appear that FDA's efforts were unnecessary as the marketplace had already made a decision that marketing ephedra dietary supplements was a bad business decision. Yet, consumer advocates and the popular press continue to press for changes in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as amended by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act ("FFDCA"), which would require FDA's approval of dietary ingredients.