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NEW YORK -- It takes a long time to recover from a bad hangover, especially when you party like it's 1999.
While liquidity is critical to the economy and real estate values, too much of a good thing as we know, causes a bad hangover. Be careful.
Admittedly, in recent times the Australian ex-pat community in Latvia has been dwindling as the realities of the economic recession that Latvia is attempting to drag itself out of continue to hang around like a bad hangover, whilst at the other end of the scale Australia is experiencing an extended period of almost unrivaled economic prosperity, with the Australian dollar recently hitting record highs against both the greenback and euro.
Eight years later, the entire world is having a really bad hangover but that's another story.
Obviously this didn't last long before the men were arrested, facing a long night in jail and a very bad hangover.
Some employees might regard waking up Monday morning with a bad hangover as an emergency, but you might not.
The stress and strain and pressure of preparing for Xmas is over, and will hopefully be forgotten, not hanging there like a bad hangover.
Unfortunately, a couple of hours later I developed what felt like a bad hangover, but Joanne warned me this would just mean the detox had worked.
The giddiness of the home runs and glamour of the steroid era is ending with a bad hangover. It is ironic that Jose Canseco, who did so much to promote this disgraceful era, is now profiting from it.
It's hard to tell if it's posturing, genuine rage, or just a bad hangover.
Pinochet like a bad hangover. They embraced the marketplace in goods and ideas--so much so, they have now voted in a Socialist.
Veteran matinee idol Ahn Sung-ki plays a hospital surgeon who wakes up with a bad hangover after an all-night bender and faces a world on the brink of madness (suicides, earthquakes, war alert with North Korea).