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TOKYO, JAPAN Speaking of sequels that didn't need to be made, we give you "The Bad News Bears Go to Japan." This horrific third installment in trilogy that started off so well would mean a return trip to Tokyo, which already has been the site of 10 regular-season games.
A quarter century on, it's just cultural currency -- a template, like A Christmas Carol or The Bad News Bears, upon which to build fresh tales, an armature to support original shapes.
She reminds me of the smart-mouthed little leaguer played by Tatum O'Neal in the original Bad News Bears. The resemblance, I decide, is somewhat uncanny.
Think of The Lord of the Rings or The Bad News Bears. If your credit union decides to challenge the system by setting a goal of some never-before-accomplished thing, such as convincing your membership to use all revenue to create real meaning and change in your community by giving it all away in the form of college scholarships, to reach a 0% homeless population or pay for teachers' salaries in your community.
(These consensus values would be challenged in the 1960s by three elements exemplified in The Bad News Bears [1976]: multiculturalism, the women's movement, and the individualism of the counterculture.)
I was Little League-age when 'The Bad News Bears" came out in 1976.
(Fortunately, an affinity for baseball is just about all the new film has in common with Linklater's "Bad News Bears" remake.)
(TCM) 7.00pm The Bad News Bears. (PG) (1976) Baseball comedy, starring Walter Matthau.
Favourites staged on the diamond range from the mystical wonder of The Natural and Field of Dreams, to the gritty drama of Eight Men Out and the laughout-loud fun of The Bad News Bears.
With easily recognizable riffs on classic "bad team makes good" sports films (The Bad News Bears, The Mighty Ducks, Slapshot), it also rehashes familiar sports redemption films (Rocky, Karate Kid, The Rookie) in which a mainstream Anglo concept of believing in oneself helps one transcend perceived limits.
The movie review site Rotten Tomatoes adds some interesting entries, including The Bad News Bears (the original, with Walter Matthau, thank you) and The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg, starring Hank Greenberg.
They're like the Jewish Bad News Bears only with more losing.