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BTTBBad to the Bone
BTTBBack to the Bay (TV show)
BTTBBreaking through the Barriers (UK)
BTTBBike to the Bay (National Multiple Sclerosis Society; Wilmington, DE)
BTTBBlack to the Blind (Vader album)
BTTBBullet to the Brain (band)
BTTBBridges for Teachers - Teachers for Bridges (education conference)
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"Dominant looking men - typically characterised by wide faces - are often portrayed as "bad to the bone", but we wondered whether the relationship between facial width and personality was really so simple.
Bad to the Bone is sure to be a favorite among animal lovers and those who enjoy a fun read or simply want (or need) a good laugh.
MUSIC: George Thorogood's smash hit, Bad to The Bone, epitomises the straight-ahead hard-hitting blues-based rock we have come to expect from Lonesome George, as he is sometimes known, over his 30-year career so far.
He has mended his ways to become something of a model citizen on the BBC show but hopes The Sopranos stays bad to the bone to the bitter end.
Madden pretends that he's bad to the bone on "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl." In a faux rap delivered alongside percolating dance beats, Madden chastises a would-be girlfriend by rattling off designer names (including Christian Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent), which obliterates his bad-boy mystique.
While dogs dined on "pupcakes," homemade cupcakes made just for them, their leash-holders enjoyed snacks such as "Bad to the Bone" cheese straws served in a bone-shaped basket, "Doggone Good" feta cheese dip, and "Skipperdoodles" made in honor of the birthday boy.
They include such classic songs as "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers and "Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, and such edgier tunes as "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood.
Helen Bennett, known to all as Hells Bells, proves that time is no object as she once again picks up the bass guitar' In tomorrow's Post: Birmingham Forward and West Bromwich Building Society event' From left, Laura and Mark Eaton show their dubious support for one of the Weekend Warriors' Bad To The Bone reel back the years to recreate their musical youth' Bob Armstrong puts the rock into the Hard Rock Cafe.' Above, from left, With authentic leather trousers, the New Breed are one of the revitalised acts performing at the Weekend Warriors.
Bad To The Bone: Celebrating Good Times And Bad Behavior!
He added: "She's bad to the bone and I love her to death.
In Volume Two, some boys are bad to the bone from birth, and some boys are good boys in disguise to protect themselves from pain.
all in all they were bad to the bone to say the least." Another poster, Ongie975, complained about a pill stamped with a blue dolphin: "Definitely got ripped off and not too happy about it." Responded Smiley Xer: "Probably more speed than anything else.