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BOHBournemouth (UK) Airport Identifier
BOHBank of Hawaii
BOHBoard of Health
BOHBreath of Heaven
BOHBack Of House
BOHBand of Horses (band)
BOHBattle of Hogwarts (Harry Potter)
BOHBottom of Hill (US DoD)
BOHBand of Heathens (band)
BOHBank of Hyderabad (India)
BOHBall of Hell (gaming clan)
BOHBecause of Him (est. 2009)
BOHBowels of Hell
BOHBridge Of Hope
BOHBadge of Honor
BOHBalance on Hand
BOHBachelor of Oral Health (Australia and New Zealand)
BOHBag of Holding
BOHBalance on Hands
BOHBoard of Housing (Montana Dept of Commerce)
BOHBoots of Haste (Tibia game)
BOHBar Over Hat (North Dakota)
BOHBest of Highlands (Best of Highlands)
BOHBlock of Hours (support)
BOHBarons of Hell (gaming clan)
BOHBat Outta Hell
BOHBeginning On Hand (inventory)
BOHBreak-Off Height
BOHBaseline Overhaul
BOHBad on Hand
BOHBefore Office Hours
BOHB-hydroxyethyl hydrazine (forced fruiting of pineapples)
BOHBros Over Hoes
BOHBad Obstetrics History
BOHBay Osteopathic Hospital (Bay City, Michigan)
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The cross of the Geneva Convention would have been amply sufficient to protect her: no woman wearing that badge of honor would have disgraced herself by abandoning the wounded men before the Germans entered the place.
Nowadays the military profession is in abeyance and the magisterial robe is the badge of honor.
Wearing your Badge of Honor helps you connect with other nurses.
In addition, those received the badge of honor will be exempted from paying for meals in health facilities.
According to a written statement issued by the Press and Public Relations Office of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Gunay's Badge of Honor would be the highest one ever presented by Austria in Turkey.
The badge of honor was issued by a decree by the German president two months ago, but was put off due to Salama's health problems.
And yet we want their suffering as our badge of honor.
Badge of Honor was first installed in a Newark storefront in 1995 and later reinstalled in a gallery setting.
New research has given alcohol another badge of honor with respect to strokes.
Hill remarked that, "Credit union membership is a certificate of character and a badge of honor.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD - The badge of honor for next year's Los Angeles firefighting poster boys doesn't gleam of polished tin - but of chocolate chips and lemon.