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BADGESBefore Aggressive Drivers Get Everyone Stopped (California traffic enforcement program)
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Again we meet to celebrate With badge and solemn rite, Our fifty-second anniversary, In Pickwick Hall, tonight.
cried the three girls, as Snodgrass led her friend triumphantly forth, and producing both a chair and a badge, installed him in a jiffy.
A similar badge was once braided about my wrist by the royal hand of Mehevi himself, who, as soon as he had concluded the operation, pronounced me 'Taboo'.
CLOTHES therefore, must be truly a badge of greatness; the insignia of the superiority of MAN over all other animals, for surely there could be no other reason for wearing the hideous things.
To be honest and poor was never a Dodson motto, still less to seem rich though being poor; rather, the family badge was to be honest and rich, and not only rich, but richer than was supposed.
A new Commons Bill will bring in fresh powers in Wales and England for councils to scrap badges that are used dishonestly.
Currently, eligibility for a blue badge is automatic for those that receive the "highest rate mobility component' of the DLA.
When I see that people without blue badges are parking in bays for the disabled I try to confront them gently about it, and Sylvia and Harry back the new anti-blue badge system I hear all sorts of excuses.
The importance of TfL's scheme has been recognised widely, with similar badges being introduced elsewhere in the UK and internationally in the past few months.
Before the badges were released, she and other scouts tried the activities and suggested improvements.
Districts have also found badges give educators extra motivation to progress through professional development units.
And while some employers may not yet be deeply versed in the capabilities of digital badges, colleges and universities are leaping ahead of the curve in developing rigorous and purposeful microcredentialing programs that recognize students for skills acquired on the path to completing courses, degrees, certificates and co-curricular activities.