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BAFIABanking and Financial Institutions Act 1989 (Malaysia)
BAFIABureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants' Affairs (Iran)
BAFIABank and FInancial Institution Act (Nepal)
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Come in Cattafi e Neruda, il poeta di Bafia contrappone alla vita, alla realta contemporanea, la ricerca di un essere e di una realta primigenia, un percorso che va dalle incertezze, dalle precarieta e dallo smarrimento dell'uomo moderno alle certezze assolute d'un mondo primordiale come si evidenzia in molte sue opere e in particolar modo nel suo poema epico, Itaca.
Interestingly, Bafia and Eton belong to the same Bantu area, zone A of Guthrie's classification.
In the BAFIA project, we needed a complex working memory task for us to be able to correlate it with different dimensions of performance.
Les quartiers Messa Carriere au nord-ouest de a ville et de Etam Bafia au centre-est dvelopps respectivement sur des secteurs pentus et enfoncs sont des exemples.
The authors thank Janet Bafia and Sharon Fryer for transcribing the audio- and videotapes from the Panel Meeting, Stacie Metz for her work in the preparation of this manuscript, and Kelli Norton and Joe Kesterson for coordinating the data and chart searches required to create the Round 1 materials.
For example, the Europeans formed an alliance with the rich Bamileke in order to exploit the Beti, the Bulu, the Bafia, the Bassa, as well as the Bamoun and the Duala.
Al-Ahly qualified to the semi-finals after defeating Nigeria's Customs 3-0 on Monday night, while Kenya's Pipeline won 3-2 over Cameroon's Bafia.
Prisons beat Rwanda Revenue Authority 3-0 (25-11, 25-17, 26-24) in the early match before their local nemesis Pipeline saw off Bafia of Cameroon 3-1 (25-12,
Les equipes ayant confirme leur participation sont : CF Carthage (TUN/tenant), Pipeline et Prisons (KEN), Al-Ahly et Shams Club (EGY), Harare City (ZIM), Muzinga et douanes (BDI), DGSP (CGO), Wigan Camp et Nkumba University (UGA), BDF (BOT), Asec Mimosas (CIV), Injis, FAP, Bafia et Nyong (CMR), Canon de Ndjii et VB Club (COD), ES Chlef (ALG), Custom (NGR) et Revenue Authority (RWA).
Other participating teams:Al Shams (Egypt), Harare City Volleyball Club (Zimbabwe), Rwanda Revenue Authority, INJS (Cameroon), AS DOUANES (Burundi), DGSP (Congo), Nkumba University (Uganda), BDF 6 Volleyball Club (Botswana), Bafia Volleyball Evolution (Cameroon), Muzinga (Burundi), V.