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BAFRABritish American Football Referees' Association
BAFRABritish Antique Furniture Restorers' Association (UK)
BAFRABhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority
BAFRABritish Aluminium Foil Rollers Association
BAFRABethlehem Area Free Ride Association
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Last year BAFRA also banned import of cauliflower and beans.' Additionally, he also mentioned that BAFRA regularly conducts pesticide content surveillance through the use of field test kits and laboratory testing to ensure food safety.
As notified earlier, any individual wishing to buy such pet animals are advised to seek for official documents or call BAFRA at Toll Free No.
Bottle Gas Agent, which near the super market in Bafra district, turned into war area the district after the fire spanned out of control in the evening hours of Tuesday, no one killed or injured but caused big material loss in the district.
The highest similarity (0.856) was observed between cultivars Efe and Hamzadere and the lowest similarity (0.395) was between Demir and Bafra Yildizi.
Extraction yield (%) for all leaf extracts Name of the Ethanol Methanol Molehiya Product Extracts (%) Extracts (%) Olkobirlik 4.15 9.962 Othello 5.873 12.624 Mulihiya 4.007 9.648 Baharyolu 4.748 10.599 Bafra 4.523 10.171 Karaca 4.043 8.564 Ender 4.781 10.706 Name of the Chloroform Hexane Molehiya Product Extracts (%) Extracts (%) Olkobirlik 2.975 3.062 Othello 3.298 2.554 Mulihiya 3.732 1.84 Baharyolu 3.528 0.27 Bafra 2.405 2.296 Karaca 4.361 1.294 Ender 3.944 8.87 TABLE 2.
huso in the 1930's, and sturgeons were captured mostly in Sakarya, Kyzylyrmak and Yesilyrmak, especially around Bafra district in Samsun province.
Ornekler icin, Samsun Il Merkezi'nde; Mert Irmagi Koprualti (OS13), Mert Irmagi Denizle Birlesme Noktasi (OS12), Kurdun Irmagi (OS14), Icme suyu (OSI4), Terme ilcesi'nde Akcay (OS1), Milic (OS2), Terme Cayi Denizle Birlesme Noktasi (OS3), Terme Cayi Park yani (OS4), Icme suyu (OSI1), Carsamba Ilcesi'nde Yesilirmak Koprualti (OS5),Yesilirmak Yeni Koseli Koyu Mevki (OS6), Yesilirmak Denizle Birlesme Noktasi (OS7), Irmaksirti Deresi (OS8), Icme suyu (OSI2), Tekkekoy Ilcesi'nde Gelemen Deresi (OS9), Selyeri (OS10), Kirazlik (OS11), Icme suyu (OSI3), Bafra Ilcesi'nde Kizilirmak (OS15), istasyonlari belirlenmistir.
Ozcelik Z, Karaduman B, Bafra K, Yildirim A, Celik SS, Ulker S.
The specimens were collected after every two weeks in spring, summer and autumn, while the winter collection was made on monthly basis from three sites of Kizilirmak Delta (Doganca) in the Bafra District.
Besides well-known fields, TPAO in 2005-06 embarked on exploration and drilling activities to determine the potentials of new onshore fields such as Pervari (Si'irt), Silopi, Erzurum, Bafra, Ayvalik and Yuvakoy (Burdur-Isparta).
Put together by Ecelenk Bafra and Paolo Colombo, the exhibition features work by Roger Ackling, Bas Jan Ader, Alper Aydyn, Bingyi, Jasmin Blasco and Pico Studio, Charles A.