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BFOGBlessed Family of God Church (interfaith church; Fayetteville, NC)
BFOGBag Full Of Goodies (Halloween haul)
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Every guest will receive a gift bag full of goodies and a free drink on arrival.
HERE is your chance to Snatch a bag full of goodies featuring the hit movie's logo and a copy of the hit film on video.
"We'd walk out with our little paper bag full of goodies."
With a free drink and a gift bag full of goodies for every guest, it really is the best girlie gig in town.
A bag full of goodies ( bank notes to wave during Money, Money, Money, party poppers to release during Thank You For The Music, enhanced the party spirit.
Every year Mrs Hope travels to America to visit relatives and comes back with a bag full of goodies to add to the impressive display.
"When he showed me a bag full of goodies. I was not going to say no.
Four lucky winners received a bag full of goodies plus two free lunches.
They treated their two children to a trip to the theatre to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - armed with a bag full of goodies to munch through while enjoying the show at the Empire.
Our source reports that Alison, who was with a mystery man, left the shop a happy woman clutching a bag full of goodies.
Just weeks after being snapped coming out of a patisserie with a carrier bag full of goodies, the Irishman made a Freudian slip while presenting the National Lottery's Jet Set.
The correct answer was the Mint Club, in Leeds, and the three winners will each receive a record bag full of goodies in the post.