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BAGOBarrow's Goldeneye (bird species)
BAGOBenguet Antamok Gold Operation (Philippines)
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As the gallop came to an end Bago lengthened ahead of his lead horses.
Pulipandan and Bago City are local government units next to Bacolod going south of Negros Occidental.
A person of interest being sought by the police is someone who has engaged in business with the doctor,' said Senior Inspector Hercules Trigue, Bago City deputy police chief.
Meanwhile, denizens of the cities and towns including Badin, Golarchi, Tando Bago, Talhar, Matli were badly affected and the residents do not even have water to drink.
An electric wire of Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO) fell on the house at village Bago Daro near Bozdar Wada town.
Tando Bago Mir Ghulam Mohammad defeated Bhatti Football Club by one goal.
OISCA Bago Training Center was represented by its director, Shigemi Watanabe.
Pleased with the quality of labor here, Winne bago has hired about 40 people in Junction City.
Asif Jan Siddiqui, District Division Officer (DDO), Taulka Tando Bago.
Once arriving in Bago, she visited a pagoda and a local monastery before continuing to Thanatpin, about 15 km away, where she attended the opening of a small library and addressed supporters.
A leitura foi realizada no terco medio do bago, em sistema L * a * b, e os resultados, expressos em angulo de cor (H), segundo McGuire (1992), em que os valores de H sao inversamente proporcionais a intensidade da tonalidade vermelha.
In April last year Dewsbury magistrates finedMr Bago, a retired turbine blade polisher, for failing to stop after an accident.