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BALDUEBalance Due
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THE People being dissatisfied with a Democratic Legislature, which stole no more than they had, elected a Republican one, which not only stole all they had but exacted a promissory note for the balance due, secured by a mortgage upon their hope of death.
Once in every decade there shall be a general settlement, when the balance due shall be paid to the creditor nation in Mexican dollars.
But after this had been paid, a balance due solely to their own labor remained.
Observing that he made no sketch, however, and that he talked about business only, she began to have suspicions that he represented some creditor of her father's, the balance due to whom was noted in that pocket volume.
According to Hindustan Times reports, the bus was ferrying passengers from Lal Soth to Sawai Madhopur, about 65 km away, when it reportedly lost balance due to sudden burst of front tyre and fell off the bridge into Banas river in Rajasthan's Swai Madhopur district.
According to Police sources, a jeep coming from Islamabad after attending PTI gathering on Sunday night lost its balance due to tire burst on Fateh JangPindi road.
Observation: CPAs should be aware that for individual taxpayers who qualify for an automatic extension under IRC 6081, the late payment penalty can be avoided if the balance due on Form 1040 is less than 10% of the total tax and the balance due is remitted with the return.
If the letter or notice is disregarded, the additional 2% interest will not accrue on the balance due not paid within 30 days.