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BOPSBillion of Operations per Second
BOPSBalance of Payments Statistics
BOPSBio-Optical Profiling System (oceanography)
BOPSBillions Of Operations Per Second
BOPSBiaxial Oriented Polystyrene
BOPSBack Office Performance Support (EU)
BOPSBalance of Payments Support (international banking)
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and the U.K." Prepared for the 20 (th) Meeting of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics in Washington, DC, October 29-November 1.
As a result, the Bank of Mauritius further improved the coverage of the balance of payments statistics and started the compilation of its international investment position and external debt.
The Federation was critical of the Department of Trade and Industry's Prosperity For All document and said there was ample evidence from the UK balance of payments statistics that manufacturing decline could not continue unchecked.
Data for credit from foreign sources are based on balance of payments statistics and the annual censuses of foreign assets and liabilities.
Because of the way balance of payments statistics are compiled, they sometimes do not adequately capture the true economic nature of the transaction.
An important problem for diagnosis of external balance is that the official balance of payments statistics are probably not a good indicator of the extent of net excess demand in the foreign exchange market in the mid 1990s, because of the use of accrual rather than cashflow accounting procedures to measure investment income.
Source: IMF, Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook, Part 2 (International Monetary Fund, 1999)
IMF, Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook, various years, IMF, Washington (IMP, BOPS)
In the second quarter of 1997, the New Zealand Navy took ownership of an imported frigate valued in the balance of payments statistics at NZ$ 563 million.
This was possible, in part, because people didn't keep balance of payments statistics in those days so they didn't worry.
In its brief on balance of payments statistics released on Friday, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said the records indicated a better position when compared to a surplus of US$2.975 billion recorded in the corresponding period of 2017.
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