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He added: "The balance of the force that was really weighted more toward counter-insurgency is starting to shift to have an element of counter-terrorism larger than we thought we were going to need when we started."
"It was an addictive urge and became the only thing that made him feel as though he was redressing the balance of the force of life."
Not just by Anakin (who even suggests overthrowing Palpatine to become Emperor himself) but, subtly in keeping with the flux in the balance of the Force, of the whole precept of Jedi principles as both an enraged Mace Windu (Samuel L Jackson) and, as he leaves his beaten, dismembered foe to die in flames, even Obi-Wan turn their back on the light.
Needle positioning is then performed by means of a balance of the force of the spring and the opposing force generated by the material flowing into the injection nozzle.
McGregor - who began filming the first epic, Balance Of The Force, in June - has been sworn to secrecy over his role.
Most of the shooting for Balance Of The Force is complete, with scenes in the Scottish Highlands set to make the final print.
After years of rumours and false starts, August 1997 is the starting date for the first of three Star Wars "prequels", Episode One: Balance Of The Force, which will be set 30 years before the original Star Wars.
Balance Of The Force will be released in 1999, the second film in 2001 and the third in 2003.
The drift of icebergs in the open ocean is typically largely determined by the balance of the forces illustrated here: drags exerted by surface winds and ocean currents (acting at a horizontal angle [phi] to each other), the Coriolis force associated with the iceberg's velocity, and the pressure gradient force associated with the sea surface slope, [theta].