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Both political parties have largely cleared the decks with respect to the agendas they have been pursuing for the past several years, and recent improvements in the projected five-year revenue outlook give both parties more room to maneuver within the confines of the federal balanced budget agreement.
Congress and President Clinton had agreed on the outlines of the balanced budget agreement several months before the actual reconciliation bills were passed, and the early agreement on overall program spending levels gave appropriators enough certainty to begin crafting their appropriations bills.
The $600 billion to $700 billion projected deficit outlined in the fiscal year 1998 budget reconciliation tax package is the actual costs of granting tax cuts while keeping to a balanced budget agreement, according to the Center for Budget and Public Policy.
In the short term, working on a balanced budget agreement and dealing with entitlement spending may suck up all the political oxygen.
That resolution called for a $3 billion cut in current public safety funds in order to meet the funding levels required by the budget spending caps put into place by the Balanced Budget Agreement.
First, the administration will have to convince Congress to buy into its plan to increase discretionary spending above a cap that was set as part of last year's balanced budget agreement.
He told Domenici that the market would trade around a default if there were a balanced budget agreement.
The controversy surrounding the action, however, was the Subcommittee's decision to declare six billion dollars of its FY2000 appropriations as emergency spending in order to stay within the discretionary funding caps imposed by the 1997 Balanced Budget Agreement.
However, because of the balanced budget agreement the committee was not able to add funds.
Although the balanced budget agreement topped the accomplishments of the first session of the 105th Congress, science and technology (S&T) research reached a new level of exposure on Capitol Hill in 1997 because of efforts by concerned policy makers and an increasingly organized and motivated science lobbying endeavor.