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BALFBroncho Alveolar Lavage Fluid
BALFBoston Adult Literacy Fund (Boston, MA)
BALFBay Area Lupus Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
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The relative cell counts of macrophages, neutrophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes in the BALF were analyzed using Liu's stain (Fig.
After withdrawal of BALF, the lungs were excised and immersed into saline, blotted, weighed, placed directly in liquid nitrogen, and stored at -80[degrees]C for further analysis.
sup][10] If clinicians can recognize early radiological features of PCP, GMS stains and PCR assay of BALF or sputum should be carried out to confirm the diagnosis in the early stage.
The neutrophils in BALF increased significantly in LPS group compared with that in control group (255 [+ or -] 164.
There was inflammatory cell infiltration with a large number of neutrophil and lymphocyte in the mouse lung, edema in airway mucos, and a large number of inflammatory cells in alveolar space, which coincided with pathological changes of asthma and thus suggested the successful setup of asthma model Compared with asthma model, EOS count in BALF in treatment group reduced obviously.
In addition, there were no significant differences among groups in BALF cell counts (alveolar macrophages or other leukocytes) or in protein concentrations in BALF collected on GD 21 (see Table S4).