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Ship Owner Perspective: Biofouling and Ballast Water Tank Coatings Issues and General Antifouling Matters Related to Fuel Efficiency"
One villain is the zebra mussel, which probably originated in the Caspian Sea and was likely first released into the Great Lakes from a ship's ballast water tank in the mid 1980s.
The work group's current projects include further refinement of the test protocol and a renewed effort concerning the implementation of the IMO ballast water tank requirements for invasive species treatment systems and their potential impact upon ballast water protective coatings.
AkzoNobel, oil and gas tanker operator Barrier Group and DroneOps joined forces to develop a drone capable of remotely inspecting enclosed spaces and ballast water tanks.
All drinking water and ballast water tanks are opened for inspection, cleaning, diagnosed and repaired if necessary.
Although specifically developed for ballast water tanks in new vessels the new coating can also be used as a uni-primer for most vessel areas above and below the waterline providing high quality performance and peace of mind for customers.
BWTS are an imminent requirement by the International Maritime Organization to prevent the biological unbalance caused by the estimated 12 billion tons of ballast water transported across the seas by ocean-going vessels when their ballast water tanks are emptied or refilled.
3) From the invasion of the European zebra mussel in the Great Lakes, (4) to the unwelcomed arrival of a cholera epidemic, (5) ballast water tanks act as vectors transporting organisms across oceans wreaking catastrophic havoc on unique ecosystems across the globe.
The King-Gage LP3 Marine System is designed to ensure continuous high-accuracy monitoring of multiple service and ballast water tanks in marine and offshore environments.
Designed strictly for transporting crude oil, the ship must return to its originating port with empty oil tanks because it delivered its cargo; however, the ship will fill its empty ballast water tanks to compensate for the empty oil tanks.
According to Carlton and Geller (1993), 71% of tested ballast water tanks contained adult bivalve molluscs.