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BLBill of Lading
BLBritish Library (London, England)
BLBasel-Landschaft (canton postcode, Switzerland)
BLBasel Land (Basel Country; Suisse Half Canton)
BLBoys' Life (Boy Scouts of America magazine)
BLBlind (flange)
BLBlessed (title of a beatified person)
BLBlowing (METAR descriptor)
BlBaltic (linguistics)
BLBottom Line
BLBolton (postcode, United Kingdom)
BLBelluno (Veneto, Italy)
BLBruce Lee
BLBoundary Layer
BLBody Language
BLBlack Lagoon (Anime)
BLBoston Legal (US TV series)
BLBad Luck (chat)
BLBuddy List
BLBud Light (beer)
BLBritish Leyland
BLBell Labs (Bell Telephone Laboratories)
BLBusiness Logic
BLBurkitt's Lymphoma
BLBeam Line
BLBe Late
BLBurkitt Lymphoma
BLBut Last (Hyper Logo command)
BLBlack Lung (Social Security)
BLBody Lift (automotive)
BLBasal Lamina (biology)
BLBoylover (used by pedophiles)
BLBiosafety Level
BLBreech Loading
BLBudget Line
BLBreaking Load (engineering)
BLBit Line (computer memory)
BLBlood Lust (gaming)
BLBarrister-at-Law (UK)
BLBonney Lake (Washington)
BLBlack Lotus (gaming, Magic The Gathering)
BLBattle Lab
BLBachelor of Law
BLBorderline Lepromatous (leprosy)
BLBig Log
BLBasic Load (ammunition)
BLBolaffi (philatelic dealers)
BLBishops Lydeard (UK railway station)
BLBats Left (baseball)
BLBeastlord (gaming, Everquest)
BLBattery Limit
BLBuried Layer
BLBeauty Leopard (Geely sports car model)
BLBoys Latin School of Maryland (Baltimore)
BLBereichsleiter/In (German: Director General)
BLBronzen Leeuw (Dutch)
BLButt Line
BLButtock Line
BLBend Loss
BLBinder Library
BLBattle-Lemarie (wavelet families)
BLBroken Loop
BLBlock Formatter
BLbiocontainment level (US DoD)
BLBeautiful Lineswoman (Seinfeld TV show)
BLBridge Latch
BLBeta Lamda
BLBattle Laboratories
BLBell Logger
BLBibliography of the Lepidoptera
BLBin Laden
BLBig Lots (retail store sales quantity)
BLBart's and The London (School of Medicine and Dentistry, UK)
BLBig Leaf (plant physiology)
BLBlack Love
BLBloco (Portuguese: block; postal usage)
BLBachelor of Letters (Bachelor of Arts - Japan)
BLBlast Load
BLBelly Laugh
BLBachelier en Loisirs (Bachelor of Leisure Studies)
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Encourage and facilitate improved relations between the Baltic states and Russia.
NK activity in seals fed Baltic herring remained 20 to 50 percent below normal throughout the study, reflecting an apparent drop in the responsiveness of this important facet of the animals' immune system.
Paet emphasized that Estonia's cooperation with the Nordic and Baltic countries is already very close.
Both Claire and Paul were founding members of Baltic Creative CIC, which celebrates its five-year anniversary this week.
I believe that it is incredibly important that more local islanders in the Baltic Sea - particularly women, minorities, and next generation leaders - participate in strategic dialogues related to foreign affairs, cultural relations, and climate change.
The Baltic Flour Mill was built for Joseph Rank Limited.
To work in an internationally recognised institution that is so embedded in its local context is rare, and with Baltic's recent expansion to its Newcastle site at Baltic 39 and its award-winning and innovative partnership with Northumbria University, the organisation is well placed to continue to play a leading role in the visual arts.
A Baltic spokesman said: "This award indicates the value and status we place on artist teachers at every level of education.
From gaming to design, architecture, music and publishing, Baltic Creative's economic review reveals tenants have achieved a turnover growth of 7% per year and employment growth of 7.
I Baltic Road Conference, 26-28 September 1932 in Riga.
The Atlantic Council published a collection of policy papers "Nordic - Baltic Security in the 21st Century" in September 2011.
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