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B-TownBollywood (India)
B-TownBurnaby (British Columbia, Canada)
B-TownBurlington, Ontario, Canada
B-TownBloomington, Indiana
B-TownBaltimore (Maryland)
B-TownBrick (New Jersey)
B-TownBradenton (Florida)
B-TownBlacktown (Australia)
B-TownBangalore, India
B-TownBillings, Montana
B-TownBethesda, Maryland
B-TownBirmingham, England
B-TownBoxmeer (The Netherlands)
B-TownBinghamton, New York
B-TownBrentwood, Essex (UK)
B-TownBrampton, Ontario, Canada (Greater Toronto area)
B-TownBloomington, Minnesota
B-TownBoynton Beach, Florida
B-TownBurlington, North Carolina
B-TownBemidji, Minnesota
B-TownBerowra (Sydney, Australia)
B-TownBlood Town (gangs)
B-TownBethany, CT
B-TownBonita Springs, Florida
B-TownBrossard, Quebec
B-TownBrandon, Manitoba, Canada
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In 1829 we find Poe in Baltimore with another manuscript volume of verses, which was soon published.
he was the successful competitor for a prize of $100 offered by a Baltimore periodical for the best prose story.
Poe's first genuine victory was won in 1833, when he was the successful competitor for a prize of $100 offered by a Baltimore periodical for the best prose story.
On September 22, 1835, Poe married his cousin, Virginia Clemm, in Baltimore.
They traveled in this way through the east of the Union, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire; the north and west by New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin; returning to the south by Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana; they went to the southeast by Alabama and Florida, going up by Georgia and the Carolinas, visiting the center by Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and Indiana, and, after quitting the Washington station, re-entered Baltimore, where for four days one would have thought that the United States of America were seated at one immense banquet, saluting them simultaneously with the same hurrahs
1838 he escaped from slavery and went to New York City, where he married Anna Murray, a free colored woman whom he had met in Baltimore.
It will be good to have some tea when we arrive--I'm sure the aunts have got everything beautifully ready," he rattled on, taking her hand in his; and her mind rushed away instantly to the magnificent tea and coffee service of Baltimore silver which the Beauforts had sent, and which "went" so perfectly with uncle Lovell Mingott's trays and sidedishes.
But once in London Jane Porter was no more tractable than she had been in Baltimore.
Baltimore has had a team back for 11 years now, with the Ravens delivering a Super Bowl trophy in 2000.
Lawyers for the Baltimore chapter of the still-fledgling National Association for the Advancement of Colored People fought the law locally, forcing its most extensive revision in 1913.
Sure, Baltimore is also famous for the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and the Peabody Institute, but "any town that gave you [world-renowned atheist] Madalyn Murray O'Hair and Spiro Agnew has to have something going for it," Waters writes in his book Shock Value.
Under the share acquisition agreement, INTL has agreed to acquire 30,000,000 ordinary shares of Baltimore at current net asset value being a price of 20.
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