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Iran has alleged for some time that Pakistani security has failed to combat Baluchi militants using Pakistan as a base for operations in Iran.
Baluchi is a nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Guntanamo prisoner who has been described as the mastermind of the 9/11 plot.
He describes the "political officers" who were the government's direct contact with the Pashtun and Baluchi tribes, responsible for exercising the government's tribal policies and gathering intelligence to help guide those policies and, when necessary, military operations.
The following fixed effects model was employed for analysis of litter size in Baluchi ewes and least squares mean was used for multiple comparisons in litter size among different genotypes.
Breaking bread will probably never be the same again, not at the Baluchi in any case.
I posted the historical context of how the Pashtun and Baluchi peoples were carved up by borders created by the bygone imperialist aspirations of the British Raj and the Russians.
Summary: As the Pakistani government hastily presented a Baluchistan package in parliament in its last ditch effort to appease the estranged people of the insurgency-hit province, a group of Baluchi officials
Local reports said an ethnic Baluchi Sunni rebel group called Jundollah had claimed responsibility for staging the attack, the worst on the elite Revolutionary Guards in recent years.
The coordinated strike, one of the largest against the Guards in the region, appeared to mark an escalation in hostilities between Iran's leadership and the Baluchi ethnic minority.
Whilst the mission was underway, Australian Engineers took the chance to improve the Baluchi Crossing, which is the crossing point for the Dorafshan Rud (River) at the entrance to the Baluchi Valley, where a number of the Australian Patrol Bases are situated.
Al Baluchi disclosed that he had recently terminated contracts of one of the restaurants to supply meals for the pilgrims.
Facing an already incendiary situation fueled by Baluchi resentments and desire for regional autonomy, the army provoked mass riots when they assassinated a prominent tribal elder and Baluchi "nationalist" who had succeeded in keeping the general peace.