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BARF0BamHI (Bacillus amyloli) A Rightward Frame 0 (enzyme)
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As discussed in this review, the BALF-2 locus located on the BamHI fragment may also share regulatory signals with the BART locus encoding microRNA that are transported to bystander cells through unknown mechanisms.
Rat HIF-2[alpha] (NM_023090) DNA with the flanking sequences of the restrictive endonuclease BamHI and AgeI sites was synthesized by New England Biolabs Inc., USA.
The DNA fragment to be inserted was synthesized and consisted of 59 base pairs flanked with BamHI restriction sites (italics) and containing the poly-G (underlines) sequence.
Full-length cDNA sequence of CaAPX gene was obtained by amplification of primers containing XbaI and BamHI restriction sites (Table S1).
The open reading frame (ORF) with 981 bp was amplified by PCR using a forward (5'-GCCATATG AGAGCCAGTATT ATT-3') and a reverse (5'-CCGGATCC ATTTTCTTCAG CAGAA-3') primers, incorporating the NdeI and BamHI sites (underlined), respectively.
The obtained PCR products were digested by the following enzymes: NcoI (291), and BamHI (330).
The PTX3 fragment was excised using BamHI and XbaI restriction enzymes (NEB, USA) and cloned into the BamHI/XbaI sites of pcDNA3.1(+) (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA, USA).
16S rRNA gene PCR product (10 [micro]l of each native diazotrophic bacterial isolates was used to carry out the restriction digestion with four different Tetra-cutter restriction enzymes (TaqI BamHI, HinfI and ae III).
The mutated genes were then cloned into pET-29a, using NdeI and BamHI restriction sites, or into pLAFR3.18 (XbaI/HindIII restriction sites) for activity analyses in E.
The enzymes used for reaction included BamHI, DdeI, HaeIII, HinfI, RsaI, PstI, and Sau3A.