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BARF0BamHI (Bacillus amyloli) A Rightward Frame 0 (enzyme)
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Madison, USA) between BamHI and XhoI restriction sites under the control of T7 promotor and kanamycin resistance gene for selection.
1 was acquired from NIAS Databank of Japan and primers were designed specific for full length and DNA binding domain containing region of OsDOF18 containing BamHI and XhoI sites to aid in the cloning (Supplementary Table 1).
YFP-tagged and mCherry-Claudin-3 were obtained by inserting the Claudin-3 cDNA between BsrGI and BamHI restriction sites.
For in vitro transcription, full-length and truncated Egr3 construct containing Xpress tag at the N-terminus and DsRed2 at the C-terminus were amplified by PCR and cloned into BamHI and HindIII site of pRSET-A vector (Invitrogen, USA).
This gene insert was cloned into a mammalian expression vector (pVAC1-mcs, InvivoGen #pvac1-mcs) between BamHI and EcoRI sites.
2), Firstly, HBT-pcoCas9 and pGreen0029 vectors were digested with BamHI and EcoRI.
Codon-optimized synthetic hGH containing L-asparaginase II signal sequence was prepared from Generay Biotech (Shanghai, China), after embedding the NdeI and BamHI restriction endonuclease cut sites in the N-and C-terminal of the gene construct, respectively.
The PTX3 fragment was excised using BamHI and XbaI restriction enzymes (NEB, USA) and cloned into the BamHI/XbaI sites of pcDNA3.
AE016958 (tag MAP 0862 and MAP 1087 coding for hypothetical proteins) and also the information about multiple cloning sites of the expression vector pQE-30, restriction sites BamHI and PstI were incorporated into the oligonucleotide primers to facilitate directional cloning.
A 469-bp Sod2 promoter region was amplified on mouse genomic DNA using forward BamHI (5'-ATTGGATCCTTTGCAGCTCACAGCCAGAGCTGGACA-3') and reverse HindIII (5'-TAAAAGCTTAGCCAGCCACGCCCGCCGCCCCG-3')-linked primers and subsequently inserted in the backbone using BamHI and HindIII restriction sites.
The coding sequence of MT was amplified from Crassostrea hongkongensis cDNA by polymerase chain reaction using the primer pair 5'-CGGGATCCATGTCTGACCCTTGTA-3'; 5'-CCCGTCGACTCATTTCTTACAGCCACA-3' (engineered BamHI and Sail sites are boxed).