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BFPTbarrier-free proton transfer
BFPTboiler feed pump turbine
BFPTBrooks Fiber Properties, Inc. (stock symbol)
BFPTBrouwer Fixed Point Theorem
BFPTBundesdeutsche Fachtagung für Plasmatechnologie
BFPTBraque Francais de Petite Taille
BFPTBundesverband von Fach und Führungskräften bei Post und Telekom (Germany)
BFPTBismuth Ferrite Lead Titanate
BFPTBattle-Focused Physical Training (US DoD)
BFPTBanach's fixed point theorem
BFPTBioreactor Flow and Particle Trajectory (shuttle experiment)
BFPTBoth Full­time and Part­time
BFPTBlown Film Processing and Troubleshooting
BFPTBelmar Fitness and Physical Therapy (New Jersey)
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Banach's fixed point theorem provides a mechanism to solve the forward problem of the fixed point equation x = Tx: Given a contraction T, construct, or at least approximate, its fixed point [bar.
Instead, one makes use of the following result, which is a simple consequence of Banach's fixed point theorem.
In view of Banach's fixed point theorem, problem (3.
2) is significant in the celebrated Banach's fixed point theorem [1].
Kannan [16] established an extension of the Banach's fixed point theorem by using the following contractive definition: For a selfmap T, there exists [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Valero: Banach's fixed point theorems for metric spaces, Rend.