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BSSBBaptist Sunday School Board
BSSBBanana Slug String Band (Santa Cruz, CA)
BSSBBoiling Springs Savings Bank (Rutherford, NJ)
BSSBBlessed Spiritshot B Grade (Lineage 2 game)
BSSBBilly Sparkles and the Shiny Boys (fictional musical group)
BSSBBehavioral and Social Sciences Building (Humboldt State University; California)
BSSBBalanced Salt Solution B (ophthalmology)
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It's a slogan used by cities, states, nonprofit organizations, and a whole host of other groups--even an eco-friendly troupe of musicians called the "Banana Slug String Band." Here at the USDA Agricultural Research Service, it's one of the principles guiding our research on how to protect and conserve natural resources, whether they're downstream, upstream, or right outside the window.
The festival included various craft activities, games, a yoga session and performances by the Banana Slug String Band, who played on a completely solar-powered stage.
It comes with a CD featuring the words with music, performed by the Banana Slug String Band.
THE BANANA Slug String Band will be featured in a Children's Celebration on Saturday at Island Park, 200 West B St., Springfield.