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BIPBiuletyn Informacji Publicznej (Poland)
BIPBruttoinlandsprodukt (German: Gross Domestic Product)
BIPBuilt In Place (Sprint)
BIPBrandes Investment Partners (San Diego, CA)
BIPBusiness Integration Partners (Italy)
BIPBinding Protein
BIPBrookfield Infrastructure Partners (various locations)
BIPBehavior Intervention Plan
BIPBe in Peace
BIPBitcoin Improvement Proposal (digital currency)
BIPBasic Imaging Profile
BIPBuilt-In Profit
BIPBlow In Place (EOD Term)
BIPBroadband Initiatives Program (USDA)
BIPBooks In Print
BIPBase Interruptible Program
BIPBit Interleaved Parity
BIPBit Interface Parity
BIPBegin of Injection Period
BIPBroadcast over Ip
BIPBase Station Ip
BIPBuffering in Process
BIPBee Informed Partnership
BIPBorder Inspection Post (UK)
BIPBit-Interleaved Parity (Check)
BIPBusiness Information Portal
BIPBand Interleaved by Pixel
BIPBuilding Incentive Program
BIPBorder Industrialization Program (Mexico)
BIPImmunoglobulin Heavy Chain-Binding Protein
BIPBlood in Peace
BIPBall in Paradise
BIPBronchointerstitial Pneumonia
BIPBreak in Process
BIPball in play (various sports)
BIPBusiness Intelligence Portal
BIPBatterers Intervention Program
BIPBorder Infrastructure Program (Canada)
BIPBreaker Interface Panel (Nortel)
BIPBreaker Interface Panel
BIPBusiness Improvement Process
BIPBusiness Information Publications
BIPBinary Integer Programming (mathematics)
BIPBearer Independent Protocol
BIPBinary Input
BIPBroadcast Incremental Power
BIPBasler IP Camera
BIPBlow In Place (Army)
BIPBrigade d'Intervention Poétique (French: Poetic Intervention Brigade)
BIPBreaking Into Print (writing course)
BIPBatamindo Industrial Park
BIPBiologie Intégrative et Physiologie (French: Integrative Biology and Physiology)
BIPBulletin de l'Industrie Pétrolière (French: Oil Industry Newsletter)
BIPBotswana Independence Party
BIP2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (also seen as 2010 BIP or 2010BIP)
BIPBlood Is Power (gaming, Guild Wars)
BIPBasic Interface for Parallelism
BIPBonneau International Poney (French pony show)
BIPBanana Improvement Project
BIPBelgians in Paris (cultural association; Paris, France)
BIPBananas in Pajamas (TV show)
BIPBlack Iron Pipe
BIPBulletin d'Informations Proustiennes (French: Proustian News Bulletin)
BIPBinary Image Processor
BIPBroker Identity Program (Canada)
BIPBattlefield Interoperability Program
BIPBicyclette Perpignan (French cycling program)
BIPBinary Interaction Parameter
BIPBackground Information Package
BIPBorder Interconnection Percentage (telecommunications)
BIPBilling Interconnection Percentage
BIPBusiness Intelligence Pipeline (newsletter)
BIPBudget Increment Package
BIPBulletins d'Informations de Pharmacologie (French: Pharmacology News Bulletin)
BIPBasic Interoperability Protocol
BIPBattlefield Imaging Projectile
BIPBandwidth Isolation Property
BIPBond Insurance Program (trade; UK)
BIPBounded Intensity Process
BIPBase Information Protect/Protection
BIPBenjamin International Production (French music production company)
BIPBoth Arrays Fed In-Phase (antennas)
BIPBeam-Image Profiling
BIPBoat Inflation Point
BIPBlocking Island Paradigm (Zhemin/Hamdi)
BIPBusiness Insider Program
BIPBuddy Instructor Pilot
BIPButler Immersion Programme (England)
BIPBrief In Progress
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On Channel 2, locally produced staples "Playschool" and "Bananas in Pajamas" continue to perform well, despite a time change for the former from 4 to 3:30 p.m.
DK Interactive Learning, a publisher of educational software, has introduced "Bananas in Pajamas: It's Fun Time," an interactive CD-ROM, based on the popular international children's television series.
"'Bananas in Pajamas" offers a natural way to lead preschoolers to the computer for fun activities with their favorite characters."
The CD-ROM combines nine different activities that allows preschoolers to visit Bananas in Pajamas at home, join them on a trip to the beach, and even go shopping at Rat in a Hat's shop.
The "Bananas in Pajamas" television series is an international success, broadcasting globally on an almost daily basis and attracting millions of viewers.
"Bananas in Pajamas" is sold nationwide at computer stores including Media Play and Zany Brainy and will retail for approximately $19.95.
The company has obtained two new licenses: Bananas in Pajamas and The Mask.
That's according to the annual rich-list of Oz entertainers in Australias Business Review Weekly, which found B1 and B2, the phenomenally popular kidvid duet better known as Bananas in Pajamas, earned the Australian Broadcasting Corp.