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Obviously, the larger the available bandwidth ratio is, the lighter the traffic load of the HybE-BS is.
Based on users' service demand and HybE-Net characteristics, communication satisfaction [[xi].sup.r.sub.m], available bandwidth ratio [[xi].sup.w] and the normalized solar energy state of the HybE-BS [[xi].sup.s] are adopted as the input linguistic variables.
where [[xi].sup.w.sub.i] represents the available bandwidth ratio of HybE-BS i.
With a measured bandwidth ratio of 19.7 : 1, the proposed antenna is suitable to operate within frequencies of 0.46 GHz to 9.07 GHz.
The obtained (VSWR < 2) frequency range extends from 5.014 to 11.5 GHz, leading to 2.29 to 1 bandwidth ratio. It can be seen that some part of the lower UWB range has been lost.
The (VSWR < 2) bandwidth extends from 1.86 to 17.77 GHz giving a bandwidth ratio of 9.55:1.
This translates into a bandwidth ratio of just 1 to 3.1.
For a bandwidth ratio of approximately 1 to 8 at a VSWR of 1.5, it is advantageous to observe the following dimensions:
Eth1 and Eth2 provide a 2:1 bandwidth ratio, where the throughputs are 9375 and 5664 Kpps, which is the same 2:1 ratio as we used.
For example, if a measurement is to be made on a signal that is 40 dB down in level from an adjacent sinusoidal signal with a spectrum analyzer that uses a four-section resolution filter, what is the bandwidth ratio of the -40 to -3 dB filter bandwidths?
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