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BIFBurundi Franc (currency of Burundi)
BIFBond Index Fund
BIFBank Insurance Fund
BIFBackend Interface (servers)
BIFBarrow-in-Furness (UK)
BIFBanded Iron Formation (geology)
BIFBabylon Is Fallen (metaphor)
BIFBoehringer Ingelheim Fonds (medical research)
BIFBusiness Instructional Facility (University of Illinois)
BIFBinary Interchange Format
BIFBasic in Fact
BIFBinary Image Format
BIFBasic Information File
BIFBilinear Filtering
BIFBuilders Iron Foundry (various locations)
BIFBest Internet Friend (chat slang)
BIFBisexual Female
BIFBird in Flight (photography slang)
BIFBefore I Forget
BIFBuilt-In Function (normally associated with programming language assemblers)
BIFBorder Infrastructure Fund (Canada)
BIFBasis in Fact
BIFBalance in Full
BIFBoiler and Industrial Furnace
BIFBiotechnology Innovation Fund (Australian government)
BIFBiologically Integrated Farming
BIFBrevet d'Initiateur Fédéral (French diploma)
BIFBest Interest Finding (Alaska)
BIFBerliner Institut für Finanzmarktforschung (German: Berlin Institute for Financial Research)
BIFBend-Insensitive Fiber
BIFBinary Information File
BIFBasic in Flow
BIFBorderline Intellectual Functioning
BIFButt in Front
BIFBig Issue Foundation (UK)
BIFBenchmark Interchange Format
BIFBureau Information Femmes (French: Women's Information Office; Switzerland)
BIFBenevolence International Foundation, Inc.
BIFBenchmark Interface Format
BIFBusiness Investment Fund
BIFBayesian Interchange Format
BIFBanking Insurance Fund
BIFBest Idiot Friend
BIFBeer It Forward
BIFBilateral Force
BIFBali International Finance
BIFBus Interface Function
BIFBrøndby Idræts Forening (Danish Football Club)
BIFBomb-In-Face (defensive technique used by fighter-bombers)
BIFBandwidth of Intermediate Frequency
BIFBuilt-in Flexible (plumbing)
BIFBoring Intellectual Fart
BIFBill Image Formatter (Arbor BP Billing System)
BIFBrothers of the Immaculate Fermentation (amateur California wine makers)
BIFBoilers, Incinerators, and Furnaces
BIFBioactive Inorganic Fillers
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The banking industry overall was not affected as much as thrifts, and taxpayers' funds were not needed to replenish the Bank Insurance Fund (BIF).
s] denotes the security rate (included to indicate the incremental gross return that banks can earn by investing deposits), which is assumed to be exogenous to the banking industry, MC denotes the marginal resource cost involved in servicing and investing an additional dollar of deposits (assumed to be constant), and BIFPREM denotes the deposit premium charged by the Bank Insurance Fund.
Those failures and their attendant costs placed a great deal of pressure on the Bank Insurance Fund.
These CRA changes and other provisions are seen as a balance to the new requirements imposed on the Bank Insurance Fund (BIF) - insured banks.
The money is expected to recapitalize the SAIF to prepare it for a merger with the Bank Insurance Fund (BIF) by 1999.
The impact on the bank insurance fund of these enforcement delays in the late 1980s caused the Treasury Department and Congress to consider mandating prompt corrective action on banking regulators.
Many well-capitalized thrifts seeking lower costs switched from the federal savings and loan insurance fund (FSLIC), which went bankrupt in the thrift crisis, to the Bank Insurance Fund (BIF), which was newly created by the law that also created the RTC in August 1989, and are now identified as savings banks.
After all, banks are reporting record profits, failures are down, and the Clinton Administration even was able to find budget savings because less would be needed for the bank insurance fund for bailouts of failed financial institutions.
Critics of Fed lending practices concluded on the basis of this evidence that lending to troubled banks increased losses to the Bank Insurance Fund (BIF).
There are three main federal insurance programs: the FDIC's Bank Insurance Fund (BIF), the FDIC'S Savings Association Insurance Fund (SAIF) and the National Credit Union Administration Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF).
This was an effort to begin restoration of depleted Bank Insurance Fund (BIF) reserves and to assess premiums on banks based on their relative risk of failure.