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BOBBest Of Breed (computer industry, also dog & cat shows)
BOBBest of Business
BOBBlonde on Blonde (Bob Dylan album)
BOBBest of the Best
BOBBattle of the Bands (Community Music Competitions)
BOBBand of Brothers
BOBBattle of Britain (air battle between Allied and Axis powers over the English Channel in WWII)
BOBBolivian Boliviano (ISO currency code)
BOBBora Bora (Airport Code)
BOBBureau of the Budget
BOBBusiness on the Books
BOBBureau Of Budget
BOBBack on Bottom (petroleum)
BOBBottom of the Barrel
BOBBusiness Online Banking (various locations)
BOBBrotherhood of Blood
BOBBuy on Board (cruise ship business)
BOBBaby On Board
BOBBob-Omb Battlefield (gaming)
BOBBend Over Backwards
BOBBeast of Burden
BOBBunch of Believers (Ska Group)
BOBBunch of Believers (Christian band)
BOBBank of Baroda
BOBBay of Biscay
BOBBlack Owned Business
BOBBook of Business
BOBBlue Orchard Bee
BOBBank One Ballpark (Arizona Diamondbacks)
BOBBoxes of Books
BOBBreak-Out Box
BOBBureau of Biologics (Food and Drug Administration)
BOBBombs Over Baghdad (band)
BOBBalloons Over Bagan (Myanmar)
BOBBusiness Opportunities Blog (various organizations)
BOBBusiness Object Board
BOBBombs Over Baghdad (Outkast song)
BOBBomb On-Board
BOBBranch Office Box
BOBBack-Of-Book (magazine publishing)
BOBBack of Book (answers in textbook exercises)
BOBBlog-O-Book (French website)
BOBBayerische Oberlandbahn (German: Bavarian Oberland Train; train system)
BOBBody Opponent Bag (boxing training)
BOBBank of Bermuda
BOBBottom of the Basket
BOBBack of Box
BOBBerner Oberland Bahn (Swiss railway company)
BOBBug Out Bag
BOBBig Orange Ball (slang for the sun)
BOBBorn on Board
BOBBoy On Bike
BOBBattery Operated Boyfriend
BOBBank of Butterfield (Bermuda)
BOBBig Old Building (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
BOBBeijing Olympic Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
BOBBeginning Of Business
BOBBest On-Board (flight attendant code for good looking passengers)
BOBBank of Beirut
BOBBewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder (Dutch: Conscious Non-Drunk Driver)
BOBBusiness Object Broker
BOBBig Orange Bridge
BOBBest on Best
BOBBharat Overseas Bank
BOBBabe On-Board (flight attendant code for good looking passengers)
BOBBlitter Object
BOBBrains on Board (robot)
BOBBijzondere Opsporingsbrigade (Dutch: Special Investigation Brigade; Belgium)
BOBBend Over Buddy
BOBBreakfast on A Bun (Whataburger menu item)
BOBBreakfast on a Bun
BOBBail Out Bottle (emergency air supply)
BOBBrand Oak Bitter (UK beer)
BOBBattery Operated Buddy
BOBBenzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate
BOBBest Orthogonal Basis
BOBBorn-Oppenheimer Breakdown (quantum chemistry)
BOBBasketball Owl Band (Rice University)
BOBBring Own Booze
BOBBabe On Back (of motorcycle)
BOBBinary-Tree on Binary-Tree
BOBBig O' Blaster (gaming)
BOBBest Overall Boat
BOBBrains Over Brawns
BOBBeatniks On Bongos
BOBBaby on Breast
BOBBellaire Office Building
BOBBantu Online Bibliography
BOBBewust Ontiegelijk Bezopen (Belgian drunk driving campaign)
BOBBrotherhood of Britannia (gaming)
BOBBunch of Bullstuff (polite form)
BOBBring On Bottle
BOBBusiness Object Browser
BOBBear Order of Battle
BOBBack Office Bitch
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Ramy Zambarakji, chief executive officer of Bank of Beirut, Oman, said that the management recognises the importance of general health in providing a positive and effective work environment, since a healthy person will be more productive.
56 percent stake in Bank of Beirut, Gulf News has reported online citing sources familiar with the matter.
BEIRUT: Emirates National Bank of Dubai exited the Lebanese market after selling its stake in Bank of Beirut for $29.
The partnership will enable Bank of Beirut to continue operations from Oman Data Park's state-of-the-art data center facilities which o ers automation and elimination of human errors, business continuity and disaster recovery.
Highlighting the bank's activities in asset management -- where Bank of Beirut had the alpha group's second best year-to-date growth in assets under management in the first nine months of 2015 -- and trade finance as two areas of special strength, Sfeir explains the importance and scope of trade finance in the context of Bank of Beirut as an activity where the "Lebanese scenario is not really Lebanese" but a regional one.
Six students from various Lebanese universities won valuable scholarships with Bank of Beirut "U for Youth" Package.
Every new branch helps to make financial services more accessible to more people, both Omanis and expatriates," commented Ramy Zambarakji, CEO, Bank of Beirut, Oman.
Bank of Beirut, commented: "Misys solutions offer the scalability, flexibility
3 bln) while Bank of Beirut reported total assets of LBP 12.
Bank of Beirut reported a 35 percent increase in full-year net profit for 2010 to LBP151.
The controlling interest in Laiki Bank Australia will be sold to Bank of Beirut (BEY:BOB), Marfin Popular stated, adding that the transaction was expected to generate a profit of around EUR52.
Cyprus-based Marfin Popular Bank (CSE:CPB), or MPB, said today in a statement it had struck a deal to dispose of its 85% stake in Laiki Bank Australia to Bank of Beirut for about AUD142.
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