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capital ratios at the five range from just under 12% at Bank of Yokohama
Through a collaboration with BEA, the largest Hong Kong based bank, and its network including largest branch network as a foreign bank in mainland China, the Bank of Yokohama hopes to provide extented financial services to customers expanding business in Asian region including mainland China.
New management, though, who took charge of the Bank of Yokohama last spring, has decided to concentrate on being a regional Japanese bank - "like Lloyds Bank in this country" and scale down its international interests.
Japan's Bank of Yokohama has agreed to merge with Tokyo-based Higashi-Nippon Bank to form Concordia Financial Group, a new regional bank in Japan, The BBR has reported.
21 September 2011 - JCR on Tuesday affirmed the AA- rating on series 9 through 14 subordinated callable notes of Bank of Yokohama (TYO:8332).
Ikeda, a Kanagawa Prefecture native, joined the Bank of Yokohama in 1970 after graduating from Tohoku University, and later moved to Ashikaga Bank.
Toyo Trust & Banking fell 18 yen to 382 yen, the Bank of Yokohama down 38 yen to 495 yen, and Shinko Securities down 16 yen to 414 yen.
BIDV has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with two Japanese banks, Minato Bank and the Bank of Yokohama (BOY) to strengthen support provided to Japanese customers in Vietnam.